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Thank goodness for China!

The most exotic trip I've taken, measured by pre-trip vaccinations, was to China about a dozen years ago.  The recommendation was for a tetanus shot and both the hepatitis A and B series, a total of 5 vaccinations given over various weeks and months.

I'll never forget the experience, because in getting the first hepatitis vaccination I almost fainted—the first time I had ever felt lightheaded getting any sort of shot.  It was definitely scary and also scared the doctor's staff to the point that an additional nurse was present at each subsequent visit.  They never told me what could have caused the experience, but it was not one I wanted to repeat.

I am so happy to report, then, that my doctor's recommendation to check on levels of antibodies to hepatitis A & B through a blood test showed that I don't need this vaccination.  Rabies shots were ruled out since neither my doctor nor I think I'll be at any additional risk while I'm in Cuba.

Typhoid shot—-yes, I do need that one.


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