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Cuban Musicians in the White House! Who would have imagined it!

In September of 2013 while still living in Chicago I had the good fortune of hearing the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club at Chicago’s Symphony Center and was awestruck, along with a full house of Cuban music lovers, by the group’s dynamic musical repertoire.

The event was sold out within days, and for the first time in my life, I didn’t blink twice about the price of the box seats I bought, even being a Symphony Center patron.  To say that the concert was electric is an understatement.  And none of the ushers at the usually serious venue just smiled at the dancers who filled the aisles, unable to resist dancing to the Cuban beat.  I felt honored to experience my native culture surrounded by American, Latin American and world music fans, anxious to hear this iconic group.

          Just last month on October 15th this incredible group of octogenarian musicians brought their brand of cuban-ness to the East Room of the White House!  A few years ago in Chicago, I could not have imagined this happening in 2015!

          I wonder if dancer/vocalist Omara Portuondo was wearing the orthopedic shoes she sported at the Chicago event!

          But more importantly, the times…they are a-changing…

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